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Avoidance of Thoughts and Feelings is Unhealthy

Experiential Avoidance and Intimacy In recent posts, I have discussed the concept of experiential avoidance, which is the conscious or unconscious avoidance of unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and feared life activities. A simple example of experiential avoidance would involve staying home instead of going out because of anxiety or depression. As I’ve pointed out before, avoident […]

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What We Resists Persists and Negatively Impacts Our Health.

Uncomfortable Thoughts and Feelings: An Invitation to Mastery The more energy we expend on avoiding our uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, the further we get from achieving the desired comfort. By contrast, when we courageously commit to staying with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, we build self-mastery. Let me give you an example of how this works […]

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Experiential Avoidance is the Opposite of Mindfulness

Experiential Avoidance of Thoughts and Feelings Becoming aware of the ways we avoid unpleasant thoughts and feelings as well as activities that we fear could trigger those thoughts and feelings is an important step toward mindfulness. Conversely, mindfulness practice is an excellent way to increase awareness of this tendency. Psychotherapy with an Acceptance and Commitment […]

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