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Danger: Cognitive Fusion!

Cognitive fusion

Cognitive fusion is the mind state of not being able to see thoughts as thoughts.

is the state of mind in which we are so fused with our thoughts that they appear to be synonymous with fact. Most suffering in the world is the result of being fused to our beliefs.  In this state, we have such strong identification with and/or attachment to our thoughts and beliefs that we are unable to see what is in fact the literal truth—that our thoughts are nothing but insubstantial mental constructs.  Comedian George Carlin coined the term Brain Droppings—that’s the value I try to assign to my thoughts and beliefs. Health and happiness are optimized once we learn that the brain just keeps secreting thoughts, and that we can develop the skill of watching them appear and disappear just as if we are watching clouds appear, float across the sky, and disappear. This skill is gradually developed after years of mindfulness practice.


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