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Video: The Danger of Cognitive Fusion and the Solution

We all tend to get upset over neutral events that happen to us all day because we assign a false attribution to the event. We can think it through and realize that we have mistakenly attributed something negative to the otherwise neutral event. But negative attributions are part of human nature, and the most effective […]

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The Primary Sources of Unhappiness

  Cognitive Fusion The mental state of cognitive fusion is one in which we confuse our thoughts and beliefs with reality; we become so identified with them that we lose the ability to see them for what they are—inventions of the mind. Our thoughts are fleeting, insubstantial things, products of a brain whose business it […]

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Danger: Cognitive Fusion!

Cognitive fusion is the state of mind in which we are so fused with our thoughts that they appear to be synonymous with fact. Most suffering in the world is the result of being fused to our beliefs.  In this state, we have such strong identification with and/or attachment to our thoughts and beliefs that […]

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