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Video: Be Who You Really Are

How to Increase Authenticity and Authentic Self-Expression Because you can’t express your authentic feelings to others until you can identify them, engage in the fundamental mindfulness practice of recognizing your thoughts, sensations, and emotions. Don’t analyze them; simply acknowledge and honor them. Take risks in sharing your authenticity with others. You will quickly learn that […]

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Video: The Mind Causes the Body to Change

There is an up-down process and a down-up process. In other words, the mind causes physiological changes throughout the body and physiological changes occurring throughout the body cause changes in the mind. One of my mentors, Lawrence LeShan, PhD, wrote in his book, Cancer as a Turning Point that: “Feelings affect body chemistry (which affects […]

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Experiential Avoidance of Thoughts and Feelings is Unhealthy

Psychologist Steven Hayes popularized the term experiential avoidance, which is a term that originated in contextual behavioral science research. It refers to a common psychological pattern to which we are all susceptible: the attempt to avoid unpleasant thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and emotions.  Experiential avoidance prevents us from being accepting of and present to our […]

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