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Video: Authentic Self-Expression at Medical Office Appointments

At medical office appointments, ask questions about anything you want to understand better. If you have any type of apprehension about a recommended treatment, ask questions that will allow you to make informed decisions. Before undergoing any invasive procedure, ask if there is a good alternative. Discuss risks related to any procedure. A good doctor […]

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Video: Medical Appointments as Personal Growth Opportunities

Every medical office appointment is an opportunity to organize your thoughts and plan the meeting, practice authentic self-expression, clarify and honor your needs, improve your communication skills, advocate for yourself or for your loved one, cultivate self-efficacy, relationship-building.

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Video: Record Your Medical Office Appointments

Audio-recording your office medical appointments allows you to take notes at your own pace in the comfort of your home. These notes will serve you well before going to future appointments and will obviate the need to contact the office later to ask about things for which you already have the answers. I always ask […]

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