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Meditation Reduces Age-related Cognitive Decline

Brain research Brain researcher Sara┬áLazar┬áhas demonstrated that a serious meditation practice protects against the cortical thinning that normally occurs in old age. This is believed to result in higher cognitive functioning in an age group that has traditionally been seen to have diminished cognitive functioning. This study demonstrated that one small region of the prefrontal […]

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The best drugs are those made by the brain.

The most effective drugs are free and without any side effects. These are biological drugs prescribed by the brain and synthesized by the endocrine, immune, GI, nervous, cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, and other systems. If one is in perfect health, these endogenously produced drugs are dispensed in exactly the right formula, dose, and schedule and are […]

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The Connection Between Mood and Cancer

In a large prospective study by research psychologist Richard Shekelle and his team at the Western Electric plant in Chicago, 2,010 middle-aged male employees were given psychological tests that looked specifically at depression scores. The men were followed for seventeen years. The men who had tested as depressed developed cancers over the course of the […]

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