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Video: Social Support and Your Health

In countless epidemiological studies, it was found that after controlling for all possible confounding variables, the amount and quality of social support made a significant difference in health and longevity. An intentional relationship-building practice can allow all of us to build a healthy social support community. Researchers have found social support to be as essential […]

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Video: Mindfulness-Based Mastery & Wellbeing Series Introduction

This is an introduction to the 26-part series on how to live better with chronic illness. The concept of mindfulness-based mastery & wellbeing practices is introduced. Mindfulness practice is described as the fundament of mastery & wellbeing practices, because it is what allows us to be self-aware, which is an a priori requirement to everything […]

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Practice Relationship-Building

A healthy social support network is essential for the health of all people, and especially for those of us living with chronic illness. It provides a sense that we can trust and count on other people for friendship, emotional and problem-solving support, help with tasks, and physical or material assistance. An essential element of healthy […]

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