Charismatic Mindfulness


Train Your Mind: Evolve Your Brain

The fascination with mind training goes back many thousands of years. The most successful hunters practiced it twenty thousand years ago in the form of conscious use of the imagination. World-class athletes today train their minds with neurofeedback and other high-tech measures in order to improve their performance. Brain scans are now revealing that mind […]

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In his book Flourishing, research psychologist Martin Seligman writes: “I was aware of a legion of anecdotes about people taking sick and even dying when helpless, so I began to wonder if learned helplessness somehow could reach inside the body and undermine health and vitality. I also wondered about the inverse: Could the psychological state […]

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Environmental Mastery Introduced

One of the problems of living with chronic health challenges is that it is common to begin to feel helpless, especially if one has spent years trying every medical and alternative treatment without success. Feelings of helplessness also stem from missing meaningful work and play activities as a result of not feeling well. Environmental mastery […]

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