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Video: Living Courageously with Debilitating Illness

This video is the introduction to a second series of interviews with Huntington’s Disease patient Chris Furbee. The first series was shot a year earlier. His story is inspirational because of his courageous approach to living with one of the most awful diseases in existence. Chris discusses how he got diagnosed at UCSF and talks […]

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Video: Meaning and Purpose

In Part 7, this final segment of a 7-part series, presented at Marin Center for Independent Living in 2013, we explore the healing power of meaning and purpose. One of the most healthy behaviors is to engage in an active search to find what you can do to add meaning to your life. When we […]

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Meaning & Purpose Improve Health

Practice Cultivating Meaning and Purpose   The terms meaning and purpose often appear together. For our discussion here, I would frame their relationship this way: acting with purpose entails taking an action that is of sufficient importance that it gives your life meaning. Living with purpose and an active search for meaning is beneficial in […]

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