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Video: Mastery Practices That Improve Health & Wellbeing

In this video presented at The Marin Center For Independent Living, you will learn how important it is to always accept the diagnosis but not the prognosis. You will learn about the research that shows how to cultivate happiness by learning to develop autonomy, an internal locus of control, self-efficacy, self-acceptance, authentic self-expression, openness and […]

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Meaning & Purpose Improve Health

Practice Cultivating Meaning and Purpose   The terms meaning and purpose often appear together. For our discussion here, I would frame their relationship this way: acting with purpose entails taking an action that is of sufficient importance that it gives your life meaning. Living with purpose and an active search for meaning is beneficial in […]

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Still More on Cognitive Fusion

An Approach to Cognitive Fusion with Beliefs During my three years of training at the Simonton Cancer Center, there were many retreat participants who claimed they were willing to do whatever it took to get well, but such a commitment was not always evident in their behavior. Often, their prognoses were optimistic and they expressed […]

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Video: Mind and Health Seminar by Larry Berkelhammer, PhD at UC San Francisco Medical Center

Discussion of the power of the mind to improve physiological functioning, subjective well–being, and health. Case studies were presented to offer specific examples of instances where the power of the mind dramatically influenced positive health outcomes.

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How Does Mindfulness Improve Health and Well-Being? Part 2

Mind training, such as mindfulness practice makes us more stress-hardy and resilient. Instead of being victims of environmental stressors or stressful situations, we can choose to respond in healthy ways to the stressors that are part of life. Thought processes below the level of our awareness become increasingly observable as we practice mindfulness. In a […]

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