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Video: Mindfulness-Based Behavioral Change

We could all benefit by tweaking our behavior in ways that could optimize our health. But we can’t change any behavior until we become aware that we are engaging in a specific behavior, aware that it is not conducive to optimal health, aware of another way, and aware of opportunities to practice healthier behavior. Mindfulness […]

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Mindfulness Practice, Mastery, Wellbeing, and Health

Meditation provides a way to quit living in the potent mental movies of disaster, regret, anger, and fear that not only rob your peace of mind, but can sometimes trick the body into believing that they are really happening. —Joan Borysenko   The practice of mindfulness is available to everyone and it isn’t complicated. Still, […]

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Cognitive Fusion and Psychological Inflexibility at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Psychological Inflexibility I had an insight into my own psychological inflexibility at a workshop I attended at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in rural west Marin County, California. The room was quiet and all attention was focused on Dr. Paul Ekman’s presentation (upon whose work the Lie to Me TV series was based). Suddenly, someone’s cell […]

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