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Getting Properly Diagnosed

This series is about my story of finally getting properly diagnosed with chronic medical conditions for which there are no cures. Upon realizing that medicine is still a long way from being able to cure most chronic conditions, I began searching…

Video: Your Beliefs Can Kill You!

In this video I mention one woman who died just hours after being diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer. In my book—In Your Own Hands, I provide case studies of numerous medical patients who died because of their unhealthy beliefs.…
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Video: Patient Support Associations

Reach out to the patient support association that represents people with your particular diagnosis. In addition to being a great source of information, they also provide emotional support if needed. These associations can also provide you with…

Video: Become an Expert on Your Particular Medical Conditions

Empowered patients learn everything they can about their diagnoses. To a certain extent, the degree of your medical knowledge will be commensurate with the quality of care you receive. The more you know about your particular diagnoses, the greater…
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Video: Three Questions To Ask Your Doctor

When your doctors are not able to figure out what may be causing your symptoms, or when treatments are not helping, you can sometimes help in finding the right diagnosis by asking these three questions. What else could it be? Is there…

Video: Be an Equal Partner with Your Doctor

Trust your doctors because they are the medical experts at diagnosing and treating you. If you don’t trust a doctor you work with, find one you do trust. Empowered patients have good working relationships with their doctors.
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Inspiring Reaction to Serious Illness

When people are told they have a chronic, incurable disease or condition, and especially if the diagnosis is potentially life-threatening or extremely debilitating, they understandably react with shock, terror, disbelief, anger, and grief. For…