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Video: Hope is Medicine; Lack of Hope is a Curse

The most powerful treatment any doctor can administer may be that of offering sincere, authentic hope. The most deadly treatment may be that of delivering a dire prognosis without giving the patient any chance of recovery.
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Video: How to Maintain Good Notes on Your Medical Appointments

Ask your doctor for permission to record, and then take notes later. I record on my iPhone and while it’s recording, I refer to all my questions, which I keep on Notes on my iPhone. By recording the entire consult, you will have far more information…

Video: Protect Yourself From Harm

As an empowered patient, you need to make sure the prescribing doctor is aware of medications you are already on that could alter the effects of the new medication. Also, make sure the prescribing doctor is aware of any conditions you have that…

Video: Collaborate With Your Doctors

To get the best medical care, collaborate with your doctors. Be in partnership with them. The more effectively you can provide useful information about your signs and symptoms, the more likely you are to receive the best care. Learn how to advocate…