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Hiring Private Caregivers Part 5 of 5

Conclusion of interview with  home healthcare expert Steve Olian, MBA: Larry Berkelhammer: LB                         Steve Olian: SO LB: What about the situation where the caregiver may actually be doing a really good job, but for some reason the patient just doesn’t like that caregiver and […]

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Hiring Private Caregivers, Part 4 of 5

Continuation of interview with home healthcare expert, Steve Olian, MBA (SO) by Larry Berkelhammer (LB): LB: If you’re paying out of pocket, is there a standard price that agencies charge, or a standard price that individuals charge, and if not, how do you arrive at the price?  SO: You can check with the hospital discharge […]

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Part 3 How to Hire Home Healthcare

LB = Larry Berkelhammer – Interviewer               SO = Steve Olian – Interviewee Continuing with part 3 of interview with home healthcare expert Steve Olian: LB: In terms of contracting with an agency, I imagine you’d have to get references from an agency and find out about their availability, […]

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When You Need to Hire an Outsider for Home Healthcare

PART TWO This is a continuation of the Sept 12th text interview with home healthcare  expert Steve Olian discussing the issues around hiring someone to care for your loved one at home. We will now discuss the decision of whether to hire an agency or an individual. LB: Although you’re paying more for the agency, […]

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