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Video: Living Courageously with Debilitating Illness

This video is the introduction to a second series of interviews with Huntington’s Disease patient Chris Furbee. The first series was shot a year earlier. His story is inspirational because of his courageous approach to living with one of the most awful diseases in existence. Chris discusses how he got diagnosed at UCSF and talks […]

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Video: How to Live a Rewarding Life with Chronic Illness (Kaiser presentation)

Doctor Larry Berkelhammer recently did a presentation at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland for a multiple sclerosis support group.

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Hiring Private Caregivers Part 5 of 5

Conclusion of interview with  home healthcare expert Steve Olian, MBA: Larry Berkelhammer: LB                         Steve Olian: SO LB: What about the situation where the caregiver may actually be doing a really good job, but for some reason the patient just doesn’t like that caregiver and […]

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