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Video: Mindfulness-Based Behavioral Change | Part 2

In this discussion, we explore the various aspects of mindfulness practice. It is comprised of a formal sitting meditation practice as well as countless informal practices. Virtually every activity throughout the day can serve as an informal practice. Examples include noticing our posture, walking, eating, talking, and all other behavior. The most important informal practice […]

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Video: Reprogramming the Brain

Brief discussion of how to improve your brain structure and function. Neuropsychologists have now proven that the brain changes throughout life, and that all our behavior as well as our relationship to our thinking patterns effect changes in the brain. Numerous studies have found that mindfulness practices are very effective methods to improve brain structure […]

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Intentionality and Health

  Mindfulness practice allows us to develop the ability to observe and experience our thoughts, sensations, and emotions non-judgmentally, non-analytically, and with complete, unconditional acceptance.  This practice is an antidote to anxiety and depression, improves brain function, and is conducive to health and well-being.  Along with mindfulness practice, intentionality is an effective catalyst to health […]

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