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Video: Your Friends and Family May Save Your Life

A study done in the San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda County) over a nine year period showed that the people with the highest quality and quantity of social support and connections had the lowest rates of sickness and death. An eight year follow-up with the same study group showed the same results – those who […]

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Video: Social Support Is Absolutely Essential For Health and Wellbeing

Researchers concluded that despite terrible health habits such as high fat diet, lack of exercise, chain smoking, excessive drinking, working in coal mines, the residents of Roseto, Pennsylvania in the 1950s were very healthy and had one sixth the heart disease of the rest of the country. All the researchers concluded that the secret was […]

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Cancer and Social Support

Social Support and the Immune System Psychoneuroimmunology researchers have consistently found a positive correlation between social support and the immune system. Medical researcher Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser has proven that social support improves immune function and can reverse the damaging physiological effects of emotional distress. She found that social support improved leukocyte cell counts and immune function. […]

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