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What We Resists Persists and Negatively Impacts Our Health.

Uncomfortable Thoughts and Feelings: An Invitation to Mastery The more energy we expend on avoiding our uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, the further we get from achieving the desired comfort. By contrast, when we courageously commit to staying with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, we build self-mastery. Let me give you an example of how this works […]

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Still More on Cognitive Fusion

An Approach to Cognitive Fusion with Beliefs During my three years of training at the Simonton Cancer Center, there were many retreat participants who claimed they were willing to do whatever it took to get well, but such a commitment was not always evident in their behavior. Often, their prognoses were optimistic and they expressed […]

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Experiential Avoidance of Thoughts and Feelings is Unhealthy

Psychologist Steven Hayes popularized the term experiential avoidance, which is a term that originated in contextual behavioral science research. It refers to a common psychological pattern to which we are all susceptible: the attempt to avoid unpleasant thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and emotions.  Experiential avoidance prevents us from being accepting of and present to our […]

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Mindlessness, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Fusion

Mindlessness—which exists whenever we are not actively practicing mindfulness—is a mind state wherein we tend to rely upon rigid categories and distinctions we acquired in the past. New events and situations are classified according to old, timeworn labels. Our attitudes and behaviors develop out of these rigid constructs of the mind. According to Dr. Steven […]

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