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Video: Belief Becomes Biology

Norman Cousins helped create the psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) Program at UCLA. He is most known for his book: Anatomy of An Illness, in which he described his personal experiences overcoming a life-threatening illness by increasing his level of happiness. “Belief Becomes Biology” is one of his notable quotes. He had read the work of Dr. William James. […]

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Video: Can the Mind Cure Disease?

“There is no clear dividing line between a person’s philosophy and physiology.” William James made that statement a hundred years before modern biofeedback and fMRI could demonstrate it. In the 1920s, Swiss physician Bruno Bloch proved that he was able to cure thousands of people from all over Europe with a fancy looking, but worthless […]

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Video: Mind and Health Seminar by Larry Berkelhammer, PhD at UC San Francisco Medical Center

Discussion of the power of the mind to improve physiological functioning, subjective well–being, and health. Case studies were presented to offer specific examples of instances where the power of the mind dramatically influenced positive health outcomes.

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