Mindfulness-Based Self-Compassion
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Video: Believing You Are In Good Health Improves Your Health

Misunderstandings can sometimes save lives. In his book Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins describes an incident that happened at UCLA Medical Center about fifty years ago. Cardiologist, Dr. Bernard Lown treated a very sick and dying patient. This patient had had a massive heart attack, so severe that it had irreparably destroyed his heart. […]

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Chronic Illness Q&A with Dr. B.

The purpose of this blog and the entire website is to provide evidence-based information on how to live a vibrant, meaningful life while living with chronic health challenges or other life challenges. Every Tuesday I post a new, very brief video from my presentations or interviews. Every Friday this Q&A column appears. Here is this […]

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Hope and Cancer

Norman Cousins reported on a UCLA study in which a research team launched a national survey of cancer specialists, asking their opinions of which personality attributes most contributed to improved medical outcomes. A total of 649 oncologists responded, reporting on their experiences in treating more than a hundred thousand cancer patients. More than 90 percent […]

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