Women’s Self-Defense Through Body-Mind Mastery

After closing my clinical practice (as a psychologist) in mind-body medicine where I trained hundreds of people living with chronic medical conditions to develop self-empowerment, self-efficacy, and self-responsibility, I presented many of those same methods to a class I taught at College of Marin in Kentfield, California from January 2015 to March 2020.

My clinical work and classes that I taught were most influenced by my existential phenomenological psychology training with James F.T. Bugental and by the philosophy of Ayn Rand Objectivism.

Retired from clinical work and from writing, I now teach a weekly women’s self-defense class at the College of Marin. It is described here: Women’s Self-Defense.

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My mind-body medicine teaching can be found in my first book, In Your own Hands…. My second book, Doctor’s Partner: The Self-Empowered Patient, is about how to collaborate with doctors, nurses, technicians, and the medical system. The single most important message I attempted to convey in both books was that you are the CEO of your life and you are responsible for all decisions on your healthcare and all decisions on how to live your life. You would be wise to respect the recommendations of medical experts, but you can choose to follow medical advice or not; the decision is yours.

For an in-depth description of the ongoing class that I’ve been teaching since 2022, please use this link: Women’s Self-Defense.

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Use this link for a series of very informative and inspiring interviews with Dr. Erik Peper (world-famous mind-body medicine expert) or this link for a series of interviews with an empowered patient living with the horrific disease, Huntington’s.

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There is also considerable information on this website covering the topics of self-empowerment, self-responsibility, mindfulness, self-compassion, the power of intention, the power of beliefs, suggested mind-body practices, how to live better with your chronic medical conditions, your endogenous pharmacy, medical resources, and the importance of getting correctly diagnosed. Please use the “Resources” button in the main menu of this site. I also have a resources page with links. These are resources I have had direct experience with.

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