Fighting Cancer: A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment

Mastery Through Conscious Breathing Practices

In this interview of Dr. Erik Peper, we discuss the power of Tumo breathing. This form of conscious breathing has been studied by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard and many other Western researchers. It is a special form of conscious respiration that increases metabolic rate and allows Buddhist monks and others who practice it to prove to themselves that they can use their minds to alter physiology. The value of such intense practices is that they allow us to gain mastery and the absolute knowledge that we have the ability to exert voluntary control over mental and physiological processes. Most Buddhist practices lead to the possibility of gaining a certain degree of mastery of consciousness. (view video)

Experiments in Mind Control for Health with Neurofeedback

In this discussion with Dr. Erik Peper, we explore the frontier of psychophysiological self-regulation. Dr. Peper talks about the research he did in the late 60s and early 70s on EEG alpha training. He describes how he learned to turn off alpha brain rhythms in one hemisphere and turn them on in the other. At that time, before the introduction of biofeedback machines, they used old EEG equipment along with old polygraph machines. (view video)

Pain Control Through Relaxation

This interview of Dr. Erik Peper explores the frontier of psychophysiological self-regulation. Included is conscious regulation of pain, blood pressure, and other physiological measures. We discuss how you can take control and consciously calm your sympathetic nervous system in order to attenuate pain.
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Focus On Possibilities, Not On Limitations

This interview with psychophysiologist Dr. Erik Peper reveals self-healing secrets used by yogis for thousands of years. Mind-training methods used by yogis like Jack Schwarz were explored. The underlying message throughout the discussion was that suffering and even actual tissue damage are profoundly influenced by both our negative and our positive attributions. (view video)

Biofeedback Builds Self-efficacy, Hope, Health, & Wellbeing

Interview with biofeedback pioneer Dr. Erik Peper. How to use the mind to improve physiological functioning, health, and well-being. Skill-building to develop self-efficacy, self-empowerment, and hope. Evidence-based mental training to manage symptoms, self-regulate blood pressure, chronic pain & fatigue, cardiac dysrhythmias, digestion, and many other bodily processes. (view video)

Respiration & Health

How we breathe is intimately connected to our state of health. We can speed up breathing to energize or slow it for a calming effect. Practice becoming more aware of the speed and depth of your breathing. Breathing diaphragmatically at 6 to 7 breaths per minute is regenerative. Breathing patterns alter physiological, psychological, and emotional processes. Conscious regulation of breathing can improve asthma, panic disorder, and many other conditions. A simple change in breathing can induce symptoms or resolve them. Learn to observe breath-holding. Devices like Em-Wave and Stress Eraser teach healthy breathing at home. When we start taking charge there’s more hope. Focus on skills not pills.
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Mind-Guided Body Scans to Detect Very Early Signs and Symptoms

Discussion with psychophysiology expert Dr. Erik Peper about the ways that the mind can be trained to detect prodromes (very early symptoms). The discussion also includes the use of the imagination during the scan to improve immune function, hold passive attention (mindfulness) to become more centered, Autogenic Training, and self-healing mental imagery. (view video)

Shifts in Consciousness Improve Recovery Rates for Cancer and other Diseases

Dr. Larry Berkelhammer, psychophysiologist, interviews world world-renowned biofeedback specialist, Dr. Erik Peper, about the effects a shift in one’s consciousness might have in one’s biological health. (view video)

The psychophysiology of health and recovery from cancer and other medical conditions

Conversation with Dr. Erik Peper about remarkable recoveries from life-threatening diseases following a visit to a shaman, medicine man, faith healer, voodoo master, or other indigenous healer. Also discussed is the importance of deep trust in the doctor, healer, healthcare team, the treatment, and in the ability of the immune system to improve their health. (view video)

Cancer, the Immune System, States of Mind, and Health

This interview points out the power of choice and intention to improve health and well-being. Terms like “have to” are deleterious to our health. According to Dr. Erik Peper: “Health is the ability to make choices.” People who are empowered to recognize choices from moment-to-moment are healthier than fatalistic people and healthier than people who use words like “should” and “have to.” (view video)

Belief Becomes Biology

Dr. Larry Berkelhammer speaks with Dr. Erik Peper about the connection of our beliefs and our health. (view video)

Harmony and Homeostasis

Larry Berkelhammer interviews Erik Peper, the president of the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, past president of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and professor at San Francisco State University. This discussion is about how disease is a rupture in life’s harmony, and how to live a healthy life. (view video)

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