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Inspiring Reaction to Serious Illness

When people are told they have a chronic, incurable disease or condition, and especially if the diagnosis is potentially life-threatening or extremely debilitating, they understandably react with shock, terror, disbelief, anger, and grief. For some people, the diagnosis serves as a wake-up call and they begin to live life more fully than ever before. A […]

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Belief Becomes Biology

Beliefs alter physiology to the degree to which we are fused with them. For example, the thought This headache could be a brain tumor could create enormous emotional distress, leading to physiological stress and illness. The ability to step back from that thought and take it lightly causes no distress and is harmless. The most […]

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Train Your Mind: Evolve Your Brain

The fascination with mind training goes back many thousands of years. The most successful hunters practiced it twenty thousand years ago in the form of conscious use of the imagination. World-class athletes today train their minds with neurofeedback and other high-tech measures in order to improve their performance. Brain scans are now revealing that mind […]

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