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Exercise, Meditation May Ease Need for Medication
In this brief article Abigail Mellier takes a look at a study from the University of Texas, which revealed that exercise and medication may control problems normally handled with medication.

How Random Act of Kindness Can Benefit Your Health
After an accident forced her to often ask for random people’s help, Priya Advani looked into the medical benefits of helping others. She found that being kind can do wonders for your health!

What’s the Difference Between Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation and Basic Meditation?
Many articles are available to discuss the health benefits of all these practices, but how are they different from one another and which is the best for you? Ira Israel helps you find out in this blog post!

Your Brain on Yoga: practice offers bigger mental boost than running
Exercise in general has long been known to improve your health. In this article, Deborah Kotz takes a look at some research that suggests yoga is even more beneficial for your health than running!