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Stepping Out Of Automatic Pilot
Steven C. Hayes, MD shares how being in a constant state of ‘auto pilot’ makes us vulnerable and what we can do to snap out of it.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: An Intervention to Enhance the Effectiveness of Nurses’ Coping With Work-Related Stress
MBSR can help nurses prevent burnout and overcome work-related stress according to a study from the University of Hawaii Hilo School of Nursing.

Mindfulness Meditation Cuts Emotional Symptoms, Boosts Quality Of Life For Teens With Cancer
Mindfulness is impacting the approach to palliative care strategy. A study out of the University of Montreal shows how mindfulness-based relaxation can help teenagers cope with the emotional stress of cancer diagnosis.

How Meditation Influences Gene Expression, Suppresses Inflammation: Could Mindfulness Training Improve Palliative Care?
A study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin shows that mindfulness may cause molecular alterations within the body.

Mindfulness training shifts diabetic patients off autopilot
Mindfulness based interventions can help patients with diabetes deal with their symptoms.