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How posture and gestures affect state of mind
The mind-body connection works both ways. Chronic pain patients can use physical actions to change negative mindsets into positivity.

Self-regulatory deficits associated with unpracticed mindfulness strategies for coping with acute pain
Short-term mindfulness training is not typically effective for treating chronic pain. This study may explain why.

The secret ingredient in mindfulness interventions? A case for practice quality over quantity
Mindfulness interventions are not about finding a quick fix. The quality of mindfulness practice matters.

Reducing stress and anxiety in caregivers of lung transplant patients: benefits of mindfulness meditation
The stress and anxiety that stems from caregiving may warrant treatment. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a beneficial option.

A pilot study of processes of change in group-based acceptance and commitment therapy for health anxiety
Acceptance and commitment therapy cultivates psychological flexibility and mindfulness. It may be a feasible treatment for health anxiety.