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Mindfulness Meditation Benefits More Than The Mind
With clarity and a firm grasp on the present, those who engage in mindfulness meditation improve in decision-making.

25 Minutes of This Will Get Rid of Your Stress
The high level of focus on breathing during mindfulness meditation leaves no room for distraction or stress. In this study, mindfulness meditation practitioners reported less stress.

Treating Chronic Pain With Meditation
Integrating the practice of meditation into regular health treatment could cut healthcare costs.

Men Experience More Pain after Major Surgery, Study of Over 10,000 patients Suggests
While men report more pain after a major surgery, women report more pain after a minor surgery.

Illness Behavior in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain and Activation of the Affective Circuitry of the Brain
This is the first study to indicate a connection between chronic low back pain and the emotional circuitry of the brain.