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Psychological therapies for the management of chronic pain
Psychotherapy for chronic pain targets improvements in physical, emotional, social, and occupational functioning to manage pain.


Depression more common for cancer patients, but rarely treated
Researchers at the Universities at Oxford have found psychotherapy as a promising treatment for cancer patients fighting depression who do not want to take more pills than they already have to.


Modulation of induced frontocentral theta event-related synchronization dynamics following mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in Major Depressive Disorder
MBCT has shown to be a promising intervention for MDD. This study found that the electro-cortical and connected clinical working pathways of MBCT in depression are multi-levelled constituting nonlinear and interdependent mechanisms.


Test of Mindfulness and Hope Components in a Psychological Intervention for Women With Cancer Recurrence.
To treat the distress in patients who have a recurrence of cancer, researchers combined mindfulness therapies and hope components.


The Associations of Trait Mindfulness, Decentering, and Purpose in Life with Depressive Symptoms and Anxiety Symptoms
This study examines the relationship between mindfulness, depressive symptoms and anxiety symptoms via decentering and purpose in life.