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Neuroscientists Find that Limiting a Certain Protein in the Brain Reverses Alzheimer’s Symptoms in Mice
Neuroscientists at MIT find that limiting a certain protein in mice can slow down Alzheimer’s symptoms. The findings could help formulate new treatments for the disease.

How Are Depression and Memory Loss Connected?
New study confirms that depression plays a major role in memory loss among adults. IGF-1, a hormone that helps bolster growth, is important for preserving memory and people with higher depression symptoms had lower levels of IGF-1.

Experiencing Wellness Within Illness: Exploring a Mindfulness-Based Approach to Chronic Back Pain
Mindfulness allows patients to move through pain and live with it rather than fear it. All participants in this mindfulness study reported greater acceptance and a better quality of life.

Interventions to Reduce the Consequences of Stress in Physicians: A Review and Meta-Analysis
How can we effectively address anxiety and burnout among physicians? Results from this study show that mindfulness-based approaches reduced stress among medical students and practicing physicians.

Behavioral Activation and Depression: A Contextual Treatment Approach
Cognitive behavior therapies are receiving more support for dealing with depression. A subcomponent of CBT, behavioral activation, has been shown to effectively treat symptoms of depression.