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Perceived stress in multiple sclerosis: the potential role of mindfulness in health and well-being
Applying mindfulness can alter the impact of stressful events and can improve health outcomes of multiple sclerosis.

Researchers Find Mindfulness Useful in Fighting Chronic Pain
University of Utah researchers have found that Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement is having a significant and lasting impact in the battle with chronic pain. More importantly, it is helping reduce the dependency on painkillers.

The Prison of Pain
Mindfulness practice allows us to have better grip on our pain and assess our current physical condition.

A Mindful Way to Beat Chronic Pain and Painkiller Addiction
Eric Garland, an associate professor at the University of Utah, found that Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement led to a 63 percent reduction in painkiller use.

Shifting brain asymmetry: the link between meditation and structural lateralization
A new study shows positive correlation between meditation and changes in attention processing.