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Authentic Self-Expression and Health Part 2

During the 1950s, psychologist Lawrence LeShan discovered that one way he could know his psychotherapy sessions with hospitalized patients were working was that the nursing staff would begin to complain about those patients—once deemed compliant, his most successful patients were now labeled “difficult” or “noncompliant.” Suddenly, for example, when a nurse entered to do a […]

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The Slippery Slope of Optimism

Optimism is the single most frequently cited attribute of healthy and happy people. But who is truly optimistic? Research psychologist Martin Seligman found that, to be effective, optimism must be embodied. Putting up a false front of optimism isn’t enough. In fact, trying to be optimistic can create emotional distress, which can then negatively impact […]

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Belief Becomes Biology

Beliefs alter physiology to the degree to which we are fused with them. For example, the thought This headache could be a brain tumor could create enormous emotional distress, leading to physiological stress and illness. The ability to step back from that thought and take it lightly causes no distress and is harmless. The most […]

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