This video summarizes a case study in which three dying ICU patients got well after being told that a faith healer was working on their behalf. One of the patients even said she could feel the changes happening to her while the faith healer worked. None of the patients benefited when the faith healer actually did his healing. It was only when the doctor later lied to the patients, not telling them that the healer had already been fired, and told them that a faith healer will be healing them the next day that they began to get well. The hypothesis explaining the unexpected recoveries of the three patients was the deep belief (faith) in the power of the faith healer. Voodoo works the same way in that it only has an effect on people from cultures where Voodoo is part of the culture. Occasionally someone else is healed or harmed by a Voodoo practitioner, but only when the patient or victim has deep faith in the power of Voodoo.