Video: Pain Control Through Relaxation

This interview of Dr. Erik Peper explores the frontier of psychophysiological self-regulation. Included is conscious regulation of pain, blood pressure, and other physiological measures. We discuss how you can take control and consciously calm your sympathetic nervous system in order to attenuate pain.

Autogenic Training, yogic disciplines, biofeedback, and other methods are mentioned as ways to use the mind to gain conscious control of cognitive, emotional, and physiological processes. For example, when we experience sudden pain, we automatically brace against it in the hope of resisting it. Paradoxically, this increases suffering. Autogenic Training and many other disciplines provide us with the skills to relax into any painful stimulus. Although it seems counterintuitive, learning to fully accept and relax into the pain allows us to take control over the pain, whereas trying to control it serves to increase the suffering.

Another concept that is discussed in this video is that we can reduce pain and speed healing by extending loving self-care to any injury.

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    • Larry Berkelhammer
      Larry Berkelhammer says:

      Thomas, it’s always exciting to see courageous people like that. The general consensus is that although some people have natural abilities to alter physiology, we all can do it to a certain extent as long as we are willing to train and practice. On you can watch many interviews with Dr. Erik Peper, who has performed many similar experiments. As someone who writes for and speaks to people with debilitating chronic illness, my hope is always to be able to empower the chronically ill that mental training can offer hope for those willing to commit themselves to the demanding practice. Although I have not been able to cure myself of anything beyond the flu, I believe that without my daily mental training I would be much more sick and debilitated.

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