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Train Your Mind: Evolve Your Brain

The fascination with mind training goes back many thousands of years. The most successful hunters practiced it twenty thousand years ago in the form of conscious use of the imagination. World-class athletes today train their minds with neurofeedback and other high-tech measures in order to improve their performance.

Brain scans are now revealing that mind training actually changes the anatomy and function of the brain. In fact, so profound are these changes that researchers such as Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin have discovered the brain physically changes after as little as eight weeks of mindfulness meditation. His research has demonstrated that min

Mindfulness practice improves brain structure and function.

dfulness meditation actually increases gray matter density and cortical thickness—in other words, it actually causes the brain to grow and evolve. From time to time I will present mindfulness and other proven methods of mind training, such as the Relaxation Response and Autogenic Training in this blog, and I will recommend various practices that increase environmental mastery.


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