Dedication and birth of this blog

This is my first blog post. I dedicate this blog to the tens of thousands of people who live with chronic health challenges despite good health care and good self-care. I also dedicate this blog to all of you who are physicians working with this population while your colleagues are in the more lucrative specialties. The various specialists who work with the chronically ill do it out of a sincere desire to serve.

 Many people, including some in the medical profession, have said that one of the differences between acute and chronic illness is that chronic illness is lifestyle- related. Although that is true for a large percentage of those living with chronic illness, that statement can be offensive to the tens of thousands of us who live with some form of chronic medical condition, despite good nutrition and healthy eating habits, the right type and amount of daily exercise, and 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. My goal in offering this blog is to provide a forum for support and sharing of information. Your comments are most welcome and can serve others.

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