In Your Own Hands

How Psychedelics Affect ConsciousnessEvery Monday, my blog post “In Your Own Hands” is where I’ll be featuring articles I find interesting or that I think are a good resource to help you take charge of your health. What articles have you read recently that caught your attention? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Eating Helps Dementia Patients Avoid Depression

Depression often accompanies dementia, but new research has found that improvement of nutritional habits can reduce fatigue and increase vitality. 

Breathe In, Breathe Out a Way to Conquer Students’ Stress

Teachers everywhere are beginning to implement a curriculum of mindfulness in the classroom. Just a few minutes of mindfulness practice at the start of each day can help students listen and perform better in the classroom. 

NHS Recognizes That Mindfulness Meditation is Good for Depression

Meditation can help you take control of thoughts and emotions that would otherwise manifest as chronic pain, depression and anxiety. 

Stress 101: Eat Well, Sleep More and Move Around a Lot

Sometimes it is hard to make the healthy choice, but taking care of your body and mind has endless benefits. Here is a good reminder about why it is important to make time for yourself. 

4 Ways to Change the Way You Deal with Stress 

Stress may be inevitable but by handling your stress in a positive way, you can add to your overall well-being.

Practicing Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness in the work place improves professional efficiency, organization and productivity. Here are some ways you can incorporate the benefits of mindfulness into your workday.