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Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Chronic Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
MBSR can exert clinically important dimensions in patients with chronic pain and contribute positively to pain management.

The effects of amount of home meditation practice in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on hazard of relapse to depression in the Staying Well after Depression Trial
Researchers examine the association between formal and informal mindfulness home practice and the outcome of MBCT.

Jimmie Holland, MD, on What’s Changed in 60 Years of Cancer Care
Cancer is out of the closet because of new drugs and improved treatments. Now we can really talk about cancer.

Web-Based Intervention in Mindfulness Meditation for Reducing Residual Depressive Symptoms and Relapse Prophylaxis
MBCT treatment online is found to be viable for reducing residual depressive symptoms and relapse prophylaxis.

Mindfulness-based cancer recovery and supportive-expressive therapy maintain telomere length relative to controls in distressed breast cancer survivors
Researchers found that MBCR reduced stress and resulted in a decrease of TL maintenance in breast cancer survivors more than usual methods of care.