One of my mentors, Dr. Jeanne Achterberg once said: “No thought, no emotion, is without biochemical, electrochemical activity; and the activity leaves no cell untouched.” There is an ancient expression that is often said to someone who worries a lot: You’re gonna make yourself sick! Another one is: You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack! Much has been written about a connection between self-deprecating thoughts and autoimmune disease. People who chronically feel hopeless or helpless have been said to be more predisposed to cancers. People who are chronically angry or who have hair-trigger tempers tend to be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Obviously, those statements are generalizations and there is not direct correlation. Nevertheless, wellbeing has consistently been strongly associated with superior health in countless epidemiological studies. Whatever you can do to increase your level of wellbeing, such as improving the quality of your relationships will improve your odds of having better health.