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Video: In Between Medical Appointments

Your doctor is the medical expert. But, in between appointments, your self-care is in your own hands. It is up to you what to eat, how much sleep and rest to get, what type and how much daily exercise to get, how to manage stress, and it is…

Video: Safety of Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures, and Being an Empowered Patient

It is bad for your health to go to appointments and procedures because you have to; always choose to. Have to is disempowering. Choose to is how empowered patients act, and that attitude is associated with increased wellbeing. In diagnostic…

Video: Medical Appointments as Personal Growth Opportunities

Every medical office appointment is an opportunity to organize your thoughts and plan the meeting, practice authentic self-expression, clarify and honor your needs, improve your communication skills, advocate for yourself or for your loved one,…

Video: Collaborate With Your Doctors

To get the best medical care, collaborate with your doctors. Be in partnership with them. The more effectively you can provide useful information about your signs and symptoms, the more likely you are to receive the best care. Learn how to advocate…

Video: Bringing someone with you to medical appointments

Bring an advocate with you to medical appointments if you need support or help with comprehension in the conversation with your doctor. Also, that person can advocate for you and ask questions that you may not think to ask. An advocate can also…

Video: Having an Advocate with You

Bring someone with you when going for medical appointments that may include receiving a dire diagnosis.

Video: How to get all the time you need in medical office visits

How to prepare for medical office visits with list of pertinent questions and succinct descriptions of symptoms.

Video: Maintain Your Own Medical Records

It’s important to keep a record of questions and any topics you want to discuss with your doctor. In this way, you can help your doctors give you better medical care.

Video: Cultivate a trusting partnership with your doctor

In this clip, it is recommended that as patients, we cultivate a trusting partnership with our doctors.