Most of us grow up in cultures that value achieving, acquiring, and becoming. The richest life can be found by looking inward in order to discover who you really are. There are many paths that can serve as inward journeys. Since the 1960s, psychotherapy has been a popular vehicle for self-discovery. Mindfulness practices are now the most commonly practiced method of going inward. Some martial arts and some forms of yoga have served to challenge their practitioners to go inward. Almost any challenging endeavor can lead to an inward journey. However, for that to happen, it is essential to practice for the sake of practicing, rather than for an external reward. Any challenging endeavor that is not ego driven tends to help us to observe our fears and our negative beliefs. We get to know who we really are when we look honestly at our fears and then take action that is aligned with our values. In fact, that is true courage. Courage is not fearlessness; it is taking action despite being afraid.