One night in 1991, chills, body aches, fever, and pathologic fatigue descended on me like a freight train. It was the peak of the flu season and I knew what I had. Despite the symptoms, the karate tournament I was watching energized me to the point where I felt as if I was competing in the tournament. I remember saying: I refuse to get sick. No way! It’s not going to happen! I became absolutely convinced that I would burn the virus right out of my system. I was on fire with conviction and energy! Two hours later, at the end of the tournament, all my symptoms were gone.

That evening was life-changing, because I then realized that my new, second career would be in the new field of mind-body medicine. I pursued the new field and worked with people living with chronic and even life-threatening medical conditions until closing my practice around 2012. Sadly, I was never successful in teaching the method to any of my clients. In fact, I tried it on two cases of pneumonia and various other illnesses of my own during the next twenty years, and sadly, I have never been able to replicate that night in 1991. The reason is simple. Trying is not powerful enough. That night when I cured myself of the flu, I was not trying. I was convinced that I would kill off the invading virus. When we know, we have the power to get well. Trying and wondering pale in comparison to knowing.