Video: “Fighting Cancer: A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment”

Psychophysiologist Erik Peper, PhD, discusses the book he co-authored with cancer researcher Robert Gorter, MD. He describes a novel, promising, nontoxic treatment for cancer, the results of which, have been quite exciting. In line with the actual pathophysiological process of all disease, these authors view cancer as a failure of the immune system. This is because we all have cancer cells growing in us all the time, but a healthy immune system kills them off before they have a chance to make us sick. Dr. Peper teaches people how to live in such a way as to dramatically reduce the odds of ever getting cancer, and Dr. Gorter is the one who invented the method of curing cancer described in the book. This 3-month treatment, combining a dendritic cell treatment with artificially-induced hyperthermia has evidenced a 40 to 60 percent cure rate.


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    • Larry Berkelhammer says:

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the video. Dr. Erik Peper is quite inspirational and he walks his talk.

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