This is an introduction to the 26-part series on how to live better with chronic illness. The concept of mindfulness-based mastery & wellbeing practices is introduced. Mindfulness practice is described as the fundament of mastery & wellbeing practices, because it is what allows us to be self-aware, which is an a priori requirement to everything that follows. The connection between health and healthy relationships is described, and viewers are encouraged to do everything possible to improve the quality of their relationships; this is because emotional distress in our relationships negatively impacts health. The connection between health and seeking meaning and purpose is emphasized. Other mindfulness-based mastery & wellbeing practices are encouraged, such as engaging in a formal gratitude practice. The connection between authentic self-expression and health is introduced, and viewers are encouraged to take risks in expressing their true feelings. This work evolved out of the research by Martin Seligman, George Vaillant, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Daniel Goleman, and many others.