Experiment. Become a researcher. Find what works for you. What type of food, exercise, amount of sleep, and type of stress-management have proven most efficacious for you, not for others, but specifically for you. In other words, what have you found to be most workable for you? What about your healthcare? I see several specialists in addition to my primary care doctor, but I am the team leader of my healthcare team. They are the medical experts, but, ultimately, all the treatment decisions are mine. I am the one who knows what has worked specifically for me in the past.

In order to determine workability, it is important to practice mindfulness in order to develop the ability to recognize when you are cognitively fused with your thoughts and beliefs. Cultivate curiosity and self-awareness in order to be able to recognize all the choices available to you from moment to moment throughout the day. Find what is most workable for you and make conscious choices throughout the day that best support your health and wellbeing.