In Your Own Hands – Study shows clear new evidence for mind-body connection

a bridge with stonesEvery Monday, my blog post “In Your Own Hands” is where I’ll be featuring articles I find interesting or that I think are a good resource to help you take charge of your health. What articles have you read recently that caught your attention? Leave a comment and let me know.

Study shows clear new evidence for mind-body connection
Researchers show that mindfulness meditation has a positive physical impact at the cellular level in breast cancer survivors.

Mindfulness, Physical Impairment and Psychological Well-Being in People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Mindfulness has been found to produce a change in the physical symptoms of ALS by reducing the progress of the disease that is believed to be biologically driven.

Antenatal mindfulness intervention to reduce depression, anxiety and stress
This study found that mindfulness reduced antenatal depression, stress and anxiety.

Improving Diabetes Management with Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
MBSR offers and safe and effective method for helping patients better manage their diabetes by reducing stress and anxiety.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain
This study adds growing support to the evidence supporting interdisciplinary ACT for chronic pain.

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