In Your Own Hands – Using Mindfulness to Ease the Thoughts of Aging

Every Monday, my blog post “In Your Own Hands” is where I’ll be featuring articles I find interesting or that I think are a good resource to help you take charge of your health. What articles have you read recently that caught your attention? Leave a comment and let me know.

How Changing They Way You Think About Death Can Transform The Way You Live
Changing the way we think about death can empower us to live more meaningfully in the here and now.

Healing the Whole Person
Integrative medicine is becoming more popular amongst medical experts everywhere. Kelly McGonigal explores this emerging field of medicine.

Reduce Stress and Pain Through Mindfulness Meditation
Dr. Christopher Notley discusses the increasing practice of mindfulness mediation and its benefits.

Meditation stronger than drugs for pain relief
Take a look at this interesting piece from The Telegraph on research demonstrating how an hour of meditation can reduce pain by half and have a long lasting effect.

Using Mindfulness to Approach Chronic Pain
Our minds naturally create negative thoughts and judgments, which exacerbate pain, and fuel anxiety and depression. Mindfulness allows us to pay attention to our pain with curiosity and without judgment.

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