Even Stephen Hawking has found meaning and purpose.

You can improve your health by finding greater meaning and purpose in your life.

Sometimes the meaning we ascribe to an illness catalyzes both physical and psychological/emotional healing. For example, when we view an illness as an opportunity to examine our lives and an opportunity to then take action in line with our authentic life values, the illness serves as an opportunity rather than as some terrible thing that victimized us. When we assign a meaning to the illness, it results in self-empowerment and rearranging of our lives to better conform to our life values. We are then better able to catalyze all our natural physiological healing mechanisms, which helps us to cultivate environmental mastery.

No one can decide the degree to which a debilitating disease will prevent someone else from living a meaningful life. Theoretical physicist and ALS patient Stephen Hawking has lived a very meaningful life despite unimaginable quadriplegia. Perhaps this is why he is still alive after well over four decades of living with a disease that normally kills in a few short years. Hawking has found a way to live with meaning and purpose.

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