In Your Own Hands – Alternative Chronic Pain Treatment

Every Monday, my blog post “In Your Own Hands” is where I’ll be featuring articles I find interesting or that I think are a good resource to help you take charge of your health. What articles have you read recently that caught your attention? Leave a comment and let me know.

Neuromodulatory treatments for chronic pain: efficacy and mechanisms
As more research on chronic pain treatment is being conducted, more alternative treatments for people who suffer from chronic pain are being discovered.

Study reveals workings of working memory
Scientists say they’ve learned how your brain plucks information out of working memory when you decide to act.

A functional genomic perspective on human well-being
Take a look at some of the underlying health advantages associated with psychological well-being.

Should Mindfulness Be Taught In Classrooms?
Can mindfulness education in the classroom benefit children in the long run? Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D, says they’ll be able to reap immense physiological benefits.

Family problems experienced in childhood and adolescence affect brain development
New research shows that exposure to family problems in childhood can lead to mental health issues later in life.